Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday 5: Of Birth Parent Letters and Holiday Hip Hop

1. Every six months we send pictures and a letter to our adoption agency for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birth parents. Finding the pictures is fun. I enjoy the stroll down the last six months of memory lane. She stood up. She had her first Halloween. There was her first birthday. The letter is much harder. At the request of her parents, ours is a closed adoption. I have her parents’ names, ages, and a brief, worry free medical history. That’s it. I actually know more about the friend of a friend I met at a Christmas party last weekend. It is momentous, massive, heart breaking, breath stopping, and amazing to think that complete strangers gave us their baby. All that is true, but when I try to put it on paper every six months, in a letter that may never even be opened if her birth parents never decide they want contact, it always seems insignificant. 

Thanks for your baby. We love her more than anyone can possibly imagine. She is almost ready to walk.
          The complete strangers you trusted with your most precious gift, The Intrigues

2. The other day, the three older Little Explorers were roughhousing like something out of the Thunderdome, if the Thunderdome was louder and less organized. I was a little worried about Laura Ingalls Wilder, but I looked over and she was inside the pack and play with her face smushed against the mesh sides, watching it all in complete safety. It was kind of like the nets they put up at Nascar races to keep people from being hit by tires, only the pack and play was protecting her from flying Little Explorers and couch pillows, mostly.

3. It’s a wonder more spousal homicides are not directly related to whose turn it is to get up with a crying child. Not that I’ve ever contemplated offing The International Man of Intrigue in the middle of the night. Well, not in the last 24 hours, at least. 

4. My friend recently saw a picture of Amelia Earhart all dressed up at a dance party birthday. She was surrounded by friends, equally made up and sparkly. This prompted the friend to ask what a group of divas is called. Her vote? A Distraction of Divas. I think it works.

5. Tonight was Gertrude Bell’s holiday program at school. She actually had a big speaking part. After the acting portion, the kids performed a dance to LL Cool J and Naughty By Nature songs. I’m still trying to figure out if her teacher is super hip or I’m super old. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday 5: Never Ending Basket Edition

1. So, apparently yesterday was Prematurity Awareness Day. I wasn’t aware. The month of November is also Adoption Awareness Month. Coincidence that this is the month we celebrate Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday this month, since she was adopted and a 2 lb 7 oz preemie? I think not!

2. Today The International Man of Intrigue and I got to guest lecture for a friend’s college class via video teleconference. It was fun! Maybe I should get my doctorate and subject 18 and 19 year olds to listening to me talk every day!

3. The other day, The International Man of Intrigue finished folding a basket of laundry. I quipped, “Need a refill?” It occurred to me that our laundry basket is like a basket of breadsticks at Olive Garden. It keeps getting refilled, whether you want more or not. 

4. If you could remove a “traditional” food from the Thanksgiving day menu, what would it be? The beauty of being a military family and moving all the time is that we generally have thanksgiving with different people every couple of years. It means we get to add new dishes to our repertoire and ditch ones no one really cares about. This year, we are actually spending Thanksgiving with the same people we did last year: The Brits and The Other Intrigues. (Yes, our neighbors have the same last name as we do, and the husband works one office over from The International Man of Intrigue!) The Other Mrs. Intrigue makes creamed onions, which are super yummy, but I haven’t really had before. We have decided to ban green bean casserole because no one really wants to waste calories on it. Sweet potatoes are still on the menu, but they may get the axe as well. We just decided if we’re going to eat decadent food, we shouldn’t waste space on our plates or in our stomachs on food we don’t love. So, let’s hear it, which food would you take off the table this Thanksgiving?

5. I have this fabric, it looks like notebook paper. I want to stitch a quote on it and then sew it into a pillow. I can't decide what it should say, though. I'd like it to be something inspirational. I'd also like it to be something worth drilling into the Little Explorers' heads, since if they look at it every time they pick it up, they're likely to memorize it, if not take it to heart.